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COVID-19 Crisis: Agenda for Action

Commissioners and their organizations are urgently collaborating to compile and disseminate a repository of tangible actions based on the three pillars of resilient connectivity, affordable

Child Online Safety Declaration

There are more than 2 billion children under the age of 18, with the majority living in the developing countries in Sub Saharan Africa, Asia

Digital Entrepreneurship Report

The digital revolution has changed everything. But it has changed few things more than it has changed the way the world does business.

Broadband Connectivity for Refugees

The UN Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development addresses this Open Statement to the Formal Consultation on the Global Compact on Refugees on the importance of

Digital Skills for Life and Work

Digital technologies now underpin effective participation in key areas of life and work. In addition to technology access, the skills and competencies needed to make

Broadband Policy Briefing Paper

This document is a briefing paper on broadband policy measures and recommendations to support the deployment of broadband and access to the digital economy. The

The State of Broadband 2014: Broadband for All

The Broadband Commission for Digital Development aims to promote the adoption of effective broadband policies and practices for achieving development goals, so everyone can benefit

Broadband: ​A Platform for Progress 2011

Published in June 2011, presenting country case studies and containing information on financing models, returns on investment, technology choices and strategies for deployment across a