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Quick Guide: 2025 Broadband Advocacy Targets

The seven Advocacy Targets of the Broadband Commission reflect ambitious and aspirational goals and function as a policy and programmatic guide for national and international action in broadband development. Starting initially with four connectivity goals established in 2011, the Targets were expanded to five in 2013, with the addition of the gender equality goal, and eventually to seven in 2018.

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State of Broadband 2022 – Executive Summary

The importance of broadband connectivity was brought into sharp focus with COVID-19. The pandemic accelerated the uptake of broadband and the adoption of digital services by individuals and businesses, the digitalization of governmental services and spread of e-commerce. Evidence suggests that much of this will be sustained post-pandemic with consequences for the design and quality of broadband networks.

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Conclusion: Policy Recommendations​

Conclusion: Policy Recommendations State of Broadband 2022 Report: Home Executive Summary The Broadband Landscape: The New Normal Addressing the Post-Pandemic Missing Links Conclusions: Policy Recommendations

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Transforming Education Summit 2022 Open Statement

The Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development is aligned with the objectives of TES and recognizes the critical roles of digital connectivity, capacity and content in transforming education and lifelong learning systems. Since 2010, the Commission has developed a multitude of collaborative and impactful policy recommendations for connecting schools to the Internet and digitalizing education to enable a more inclusive and sustainable approach to learning.

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COVID-19 Crisis: Agenda for Action

Commissioners and their organizations are urgently collaborating to compile and disseminate a repository of tangible actions based on the three pillars of resilient connectivity, affordable

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