November 16, 2016

Enabling the Use of ICTs and Broadband: Understanding What Works to Stimulate ICT Adoption

Date published: November 16, 2016

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Working Group: Demand

Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs), combined with innovations in broadband connectivity and the rich ecosystem of applications and services, can transform the lives of individuals and entire countries. Yet in reality, many do not enjoy the benefits, and despite growing efforts to get the underserved population online, we need to do more. The infrastructure to provide connectivity is paramount, but only a first step, and the impediments to productive use – namely affordability, awareness and ability; are significant challenges. ‘Demand stimulation’ is the term given to addressing these impediments, recognising it’s not enough just to address getting citizens online. We find when all the challenges around affordability, awareness and ability are adequately addressed, and the value of ICT and broadband connectivity are realised, people benefit greatly from these valuable tools.