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The State of Broadband 2020: Tackling Digital Inequalities

This year’s State of Broadband Report reflects the realities of 2020 as the world has confronted a global pandemic that has disrupted Global and local economies, healthcare systems, education and most pertinently brought to the forefront the crucial role that broadband plays in connecting the world and keeping societies strong

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Broadband Commission Manifesto: Global Goal of Universal Connectivity

The Broadband Commission Manifesto calls on the global community to recognize digital connectivity as the foundational element of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Manifesto affirms the commitment of the Broadband Commission to mobilize efforts to achieve the ‘Global Goal of Universal Connectivity’ in support of the

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COVID-19 Crisis: Agenda for Action

Commissioners and their organizations are urgently collaborating to compile and disseminate a repository of tangible actions based on the three pillars of resilient connectivity, affordable access, and safe use of online services for informed and educated societies, to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and ease the immediate adverse

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Child Online Safety Declaration

There are more than 2 billion children under the age of 18, with the majority living in the developing countries in Sub Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean. Many children have access to and are being impacted by the Internet. They may also be exploited by its

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Connecting Africa Through Broadband: A strategy for doubling connectivity by 2021 and reaching universal access by 2030

Digital technologies and the digital economy will have a transformative impact on development. Today’s economy is being driven by digital transformation across all sectors and digital technology is increasingly at the center of people’s daily lives. Indeed, several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) require information and communication technologies (ICTs) as an

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The State of Broadband 2019: Broadband as a Foundation for Sustainable Development

Traditional approaches to driving internet network roll-out and uptake are failing to reach the remaining half of the global population still lacking online access. To counter slowing global growth, The State of Broadband 2019: Broadband as Foundation for Sustainable Development advocates for new collaborative strategies to drive the concept of ‘meaningful universal

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