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​Planning for Progress: Why National Broadband Plans Matter​​, 201​3

Published in June 2013, the report, entitled Broadband: A Platform for Progress, argues: “To optimize the benefits to society, broadband should be coordinated on a countrywide basis, promoting facilities-based competition and with policies encouraging service providers to offer access on fair market terms…efforts should be coordinated across all sectors of

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Technology, Broadband and Education: Advancing the Education for All Agenda

Broadband technologies continue to expand our horizons, pushing back frontiers of time and knowledge, and overturning long-established precepts and outdated ways of doing things. The ability of broadband to improve and enhance education, as well as students’ experience of education, is undisputed. A good and well-rounded education is the basis

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A Review of Environmental Sustainability in Broadband Policies

Global overview and case studies on Australia and Rwanda   This study is part of a series of studies being undertaken by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in partnership with the Broadband Commission to take an indepth look at the state of broadband development. This series of case studies underlines

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