Working Group Co-Chaired by:

John Galvin
Vice President, Government and Education
Intel Corporation

This Working Group on Demand is tasked with providing a mapping and overview of best practices, innovations and models to spur demand-side generation. In the second phase of this work, the Broadband Commission and the UN will work with governments, businesses, and UN agencies to implement recommendations and support countries in scaling ICT strategies to achieve the SDGs.

Objectives of the Group:

  • Prepare a summary of best practices for creating broadband demand, especially in low-income segments. 
  • Present different models for demand creation programmes with implemented examples.
  1. The group was announced in New York on September 2015. 

  2. The group has held onsite meeting in Dubai (March 2016) and convened teleconference calls.

  3. Bangkok, 16 November 2016 – ITU Telecom World 2016 : Broadband Commission Working Group on Demand Releases Report – Enabling the use of ICTs and Broadband: Understanding what works to stimulate ICT adoption.

  4. Session at the ITU Telecom World 2016 – Reaching another billion: Understanding what works to stimulate ICT adoption


enabling the use of ICTs and broadband

Enabling the Use of ICTs and Broadband

Understanding what works to stimulate ICT adoption

The report showcases the results of six case studies of different country-led programs in Costa Rica, Colombia, India, Kenya, Senegal and South Korea. The programmes explored how to best stimulate ICT adoption and increase the use and impact of technologies and broadband in various communities and environments. The case studies provide a useful window into different ways to collaborate in order to get underserved populations online.


Broadband Commissioners

  1. Nokia
  2. Microsoft
  3. Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services, South Africa
  4. ITU
  6. GSMA
  7. Kenyatta University: Dr Speranza Ndege
  8. Korea Telecom
  9. Spain – Secretary of State for Telecommunications & Information Society, Spain
  10. IADB
  11. Cisco
  12. Prof. Sachs SDSN/Columbia