Working Group Report

Executive Summary – 21st Century Financing Models for Bridging Broadband Connectivity Gaps

September 19, 2021

How can a wide spectrum of stakeholders within the digital space unite to tackle the challenge of developing new broadband infrastructure, upgrading existing infrastructure, and cultivating relevant digital content and services for widely unconnected populations? 

And how shall these models aid in achieving the Commission’s 2025 Targets as well as the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals?

To address these questions, the Executive Summary of the 21st Century Financing Models for Bridging Broadband Connectivity Gaps offers four strategic recommendations: 

  1. Broaden the Base of Contributors; 
  2. Earmark Proceeds from ICT Sector Participants; 
  3. Reform Universal Service and Access Funds (USAFs); 
  4. Create an International Fund

These strategic recommendations act as a foundation for driving connectivity not only toward the 2025 Targets, but toward the more optimistic goal of connecting all populations into a larger fabric where individuals and communities are not excluded from the opportunity to live, work and engage with their global peers. Additionally, these recommendations are intended to drive progress in connectivity through a more effective set of investment, funding, and financing mechanisms and by engaging a broader range of stakeholders.

The information and views contained in this Executive Summary do not necessarily reflect the position of the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, or the views of the Members of the Broadband Commission or their organizations.

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