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​​Working Groups​

​​Working Groups are at the heart of the work being done at the Broadband Commission. With more than 30 groups to date, the Broadband Commission's Working Groups convene industry leaders, government officials and civil society to address prominent issues affecting broadband access, affordability and use. Working Groups are proposed, chaired and led by Commissioners, with the support of external experts. 

Each group's research and outputs relate to one of the core focus areas of the Commission: 

a.   Connecting the unconn​ected, relating to the Global Connectivity Goal and Manifesto, especially in remote and rural areas 

b.   Driving and promoting ICTs for sustainable development, with special emphasis on innovative uses/service delivery 

c.   Social and economic aspects of broadband and ICTs (including health, safety, education, etc.) 

d.  Exploring how ICTs can best empower users equally across geographic location, socio-economic status, gender & race, through skills, multilingualism etc., to bridge divides beyond access