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How International Organizations are Closing The Urban-Rural Digital Divide in Africa

Rural and urban areas are often viewed as contrasting areas with a greater level of poverty in urban areas. This impression has led to differences in policy direction across Africa and therefore become a self-fulfilling prophecy which has kept the rural community poorer than the urban one. The conventional model for providing connectivity, the basic enabler needed to break the digital divide, has not been in favor of the rural area.

How the Satellite Industry is Working to Close to the Urban-Rural Digital Divide

Space based solutions are bringing connectivity services to more people in more places and satellite network operators like Intelstat intend to play a larger role. With the right mix of partnership, investment, innovation and services, the private and public sectors can work together to quickly develop and implement flexible, cost effective and even profitable solutions to close the global connectivity gap.

How the mobile industry is working to close the urban-rural digital divide

85% of the 4B people that do not use the mobile internet live in an area that is covered by mobile broadband, and they are disproportionately poorer, female and rural. The mobile industry is leading efforts to tackle the barriers with: mobile digital skills programs, affordable handsets and data services, and investments in local content and services.

Korea’s infectious disease control and prevention of COVID-19

Following this positive outcome, the world has been paying attention to Korea’s case and the government has summarized the key factors of successful response as 3T system on the basis of ICT. Among the 3Ts, tracing is the most pivotal, given it helps early detection to prevent additional spread.

Carlos Slim Foundation’s response to COVID-19

COVID-19 Protocol, Health Initiatives, and Connectivity  The Carlos Slim Foundation designed and executed a comprehensive COVID-19 Contention Protocol to support Carso Group’s companies to cope

Digital inclusion for refugees

From UNHCR’s experience in delivering interventions that support connectivity to refugees, a strong and committed multi-stakeholder alliance is key to success. In response to a

Networks that move the world forward

Verizon’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been guided at all times by our core corporate values. As set forth in the Verizon Credo, we

Children need to feel safe online

Children are one third of all Internet users. With the expansion of broadband connectivity in the near future, every second user of the Internet will

Bringing broadband connectivity to people living in unserved rural areas globally

In the summer of 2017, we launched the Microsoft Airband Initiative, which brings broadband connectivity to people living in unserved rural areas globally. To eliminate the rural broadband gap, we brought together private-sector capital investment in new technologies and rural broadband deployments, with public-sector financial and regulatory support.