2021 Annual Spring Meeting of the Broadband Commission


March 22, 2021




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About the Meeting

This year’s Annual Spring Meeting 2021 entitled, ‘Building an Inclusive Digital Future’ will discuss global digital transformation through resilient connectivity, innovative technologies, new policies, evolving regulatory frameworks and people centric digital services and applications. Digital disparities can take many forms from connectivity to affordability, literacy and use. This meeting will address moving the cursor for everyone, in particular the most marginalized.

Plenary Agenda

  • Welcome: Opening remarks by the Co-Chairs of the Commission
  • Session 1: Building an inclusive post-COVID digital future
  • Session 2: Addressing the digital usage gap
  • Session 3: A Spotlight on the Working Groups – What’s next?
  • Closing: Concluding remarks by the Co-Vice Chairs

Relevant Resources

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Words from Our Chairs

Words from Our Special Guests

"Internet connectivity can create transformative pathways for education and employment and improve access to information and services, leaving no one behind means leaving no one offline."

"We've heard the mantra build back better innumerable times. Let's work together as a global community to translate these three words into real investments in digital inclusion and ensure that within this decade, our promise to be the first generation in history where every single child has schooling, is finally delivered"

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