September 21, 2014

2014 Annual Fall Meeting of the Broadband Commission

| New York, USA

The 10th Meeting of the Broadband Commission was held in New York on 21 September 2014 at the start of the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

At this crucial time, when the post-2015 process is nearing completion, the Commissioners and Special Guests discussed the importance of leveraging post 2015 negotiations to encourage the recognition of broadband and ICTs as critical components of a sustainable development framework. The discussion also addressed the challenges facing both the industry and regulatory players, including obstacles to financing and investment in broadband infrastructure.

The Broadband Commission also released its annual State of Broadband report entitled The State of Broadband 2014: Broadband for all.

The Task Force on Sustainable Development and the Post 2015 Development Agenda released its second report entitled Means of Transformation: Harnessing Broadband for the Post-2015 Development Agenda. and the Working Group on Financing and Investment released its inaugural report entitled Creating a Favourable Environment for Attracting Finance and Investment in Broadband Infrastructure.

Meeting Highlights

  • ​While Internet penetration globally will reach 40.4% by the end of 2014, more than two thirds of people in developing countries will still remain unconnected, as will over 90% of people in the world’s 48 least developed countries.​
  • ​There is a clear need for policy leadership in broadband to facilitate investment in and deployment of broadband around the world. Some 140 countries had a broadband plan in place by mid-2013.
  • Every country should prioritize broadband policy, taking into account its ability to shape future social and economic development and prosperity at both a national and global level.