2011 Annual Fall Meeting of the Broadband Commission


October 24, 2011


New York, USA


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The Broadband Commission for Digital Development​ met on ​24 October, 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland, prior to the Broadband Leadership Summit​ held in conjunction with ITU Telecom World 2011. 

The Broadband Commission for Digital Development has agreed on a set of four ‘ambitious but achievable’ new targets that countries around the world should strive to meet in order to ensure their populations fully participate in tomorrow’s emerging knowledge societies.

The New Targets cover Broadband Policy, Affordability and Uptake:

  1. Making broadband policy universal. By 2015, all countries should have a national broadband plan or strategy or include broadband in their Universal Access / Service Definitions.
  2. Making broadband affordable. By 2015, entry-level broadband services should be made affordable in developing countries through adequate regulation and market forces (for example, amount to less than 5% of average monthly income).
  3. Connecting homes to broadband. By 2015, 40% of households in developing countries should have Internet access.
  4. Getting people online. By 2015, Internet user penetration should reach 60% worldwide, 50% in developing countries and 15% in Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

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Released Reports and Materials

  • The Broadband Challenge endorsed by the Commission recognizes communication as ‘a human need and a right’, and calls on governments and private industry to work together to develop the innovative policy frameworks, business models and financing arrangements needed to facilitate growth in access to broadband worldwide.​
  • Broadband for the Global Good:​ Report summarizing the key outcomes and conclusions of the Broadband Leadership Summit.

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