2020 High Level Political Forum (HLPF)


July 9, 2020



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High-Level Political Forum

In the midst of global pandemic of Covid-19, the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development has adopted an Agenda for Action advocacy framework which is outlining immediate measures that governments, industry, the international community and civil society can take to shore-up digital networks, strengthen capacity at critical connectivity points like hospitals and transport hubs, and boost digital access and inclusivity, with the aim of strengthening collective response.

The Agenda for Action is composed of 3 pillars: resilient connectivity, affordable access, and safe use of online services for informed and educated societies.

This virtual session served as the platform for High Level Political Forum 2020 participants and development community to learn, share and explore the measures being taken by UN Agencies, governments and the digital industry to ensure resilient connectivity, access and use, adapting to new realities. The session included the lessons learned presented by the leaders and best practices of public-private partnership and digital cooperation which led to enable connectivity for the most vulnerable and unconnected populations, identifying measures to connect the remaining unconnected people addressing the specific needs of the LDCs and landlocked countries.​

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