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The Broadband Commission has undertaken many activities and initiatives that focused on broadband as enabler for social development. It was achieved through the leadership of the Commissioners, dedicated Working Groups outcomes and its work in a form of reports and research. 

This section will allow you to familiarize with the Commission's outcomes which featured broadband impact on social development. 

  Latest Reports 


The Working Group on Digital Health chaired by Novartis Foundation and NOKIA launched its joint report on "Digital Health: A Call for Leadership and Cooperation between ICT and Health" at the Mobile World Congress 2017. 

Together with the report the Working Group released infographic with main outcomes and advocacy recommendations on improving digital health strategies.

The report is focused on three main drivers, which can help achieve the SDG3, on improving human health and well-being, by creating universal digital health coverage. The drivers are as following: strong government leadership, effective governance mechanisms, and alignment between ICT and health sectors.



  Latest events/Initiatives​

On the 16th of September 2017, the Broadband Commission Working Group on the Digital Gender Divide launched its progress report "Bridging the gender gap in internet and broadband access and use".  The publication's release in New York, USA coincided with the Annual Meeting of the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development.

The progress report of the Working Group on the Digital Gender Divide provides an update on progress against the commitments of the Working Group members to take forward the four groups of recommended actions outlined in the March 2017 "Recommendations for action" report, aimed for stakeholders to address the gender gap in Internet access and use.

The progress report "Bridging the gender gap in internet and broadband access and use" also introduces new commitments to action by members of the Working Group.

  Data and Stats ​

UN Broadband Commission sets global broadband targets for bringing online the world's 3.8 billion people not connected to the Internet

  Highlights on

​​​In January, 2018 Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development held a special session during the Annual WEF meeting in Davos. with one breakout group focusing on Gender Digital Divide.