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Climate change is among the biggest challenges humankind has ever faced. No country will remain untouched: some may experience extreme weather events, others severe drought, or sea level rises, resulting in the loss of coastal areas.

Broadband is the gateway to the networked economy. Its potential to transform the way we work and live opens a door to new business models and growth opportunities at a time when many countries are struggling to jumpstart their economies from a period of financial crisis​. ​This page will allow you to familiarize with the work of the Broadband Commission on the link between climate change and ICTs.

 Latest Reports

Working Group on Climate Change issued in April 2012 the report - The Broadband Bridge: Linking ICT with Climate Action which is based on interviews and supporting  material from more than 20 leaders and experts in the field.


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 Latest Events/Initiatives

​In November 2016 the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development addressed the UN Marrakech Climate Change Conference (COP-22) with an Open Statement, where the Commission reaffirmed its sincere belief in the vital role of broadband for addressing climate change and for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and urged the participants to COP-22 to explore policies and strategies that focus investment in the roll-out of broadband infrastructure, devices, application and services towards helping mitigate the effects of climate change and assist the full implementation of Paris agreement. ​​




 Highlights on

​In October 2016 Broadband Commission for Sustanaible Development addressed the UN Habitat III Conference with an Open Statement, where the Commission reaffirmed its belief in the vital role of broadband for building and transforming cities and human settlements, and for achieving the goals of the New Urban Agenda and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

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