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​​​Publication release: WSIS 2012 side event - Launch of case studies on Broadband and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), 15 May 2012 - ​Geneva, Switzerland


In collaboration with ITU and UNESCO, the Broadband Commission for Digital Development has commissioned a series of the case studies in developing countries to underline the importance of broadband and ICTs in achieving the MDGs and to assist countries in meeting the Broadband Challenge and Targets, adopted by the Broadband Commission in October 2011, that countries around the world should strive to meet in order to ensure their populations fully participate in tomorrow’s emerging knowledge societies. 

Four of these case studies​ will be released on the occasion of the WSIS Forum 2012 to showcase the importance of broadband networks and services in economic and social development in four different countries (Romania, Macedonia, Panama and the Philippines), selected based on their strategies and plans, experience and efforts in stimulating the development of broadband networks and services. 

These studies explore the linkages between broadband, fixed and mobile connectivity, services and infrastructure deployment and their impact on economic growth, productivity, education, health and environmental sustainability.

These studies are available on ITU’s  portal and on the Broadband Commission’s website. 

  • Panelists: 
  • • Ms. Doreen Bogdan - Chief of the Strategic Planning and Membership Department in the 
  • General Secretariat, ITU 
  • • Amb. Janis Karklins - Assistant Director General, Communication and Information, 
  • • H.E. Ivo Ivanovski - Minister of Information Society, TFYR Macedonia 
  • • Mr. Mario Maniewicz - Chief of Infrastructure, Enabling Environment and E-Applications 
  • Department in the Development Bureau, ITU​

 ​​More info about WSIS 2012 here


Speaking after the launch, ITU Secretary-General Dr Hamadoun Touré noted that “It is now time to ensure that everyone – wherever they live, and whatever their circumstances – has access to the benefits of broadband. This is not just about delivering connectivity for connectivity’s sake, or even about giving people access to the undoubted benefits of social communications. It is about leveraging the power of broadband technologies, and especially mobile technologies, to make the world a better place.”​

Press release 
Broadband Commission releases first country case studies - Snapshot of state of broadband in four emerging economies spanning the Americas, Asia and Europe