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World Humanitarian Summit

To support UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's effort to increase prioritization of disaster and humanitarian relief work, the Broadband Commission has endorsed a high-level statement directed at key decision-makers at the World Humanitarian Summit.


"The Broadband Commission recognizes that the world is facing humanitarian needs on a massive scale, and reaffirms its belief that broadband/ICTs have provided us with the tools to address key challenges in new and innovative ways, and which can improve the response time for millions of people affected by conflicts and disasters. Digital inclusion is of paramount importance to ensure that no one, and no society, is left behind. Let us grasp this vital opportunity to strive for a world where every citizen can potentially experience the opportunities and benefits provided through affordable access and connectivity to ICTs.  We urge delegates at the World Humanitarian Summit to connect people in the world through broadband and fully use technologies for inclusive economic growth, social cohesion, digital inclusion, and the sustainable management of our natural resources."

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