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​​​​Broadband Commission Special Session at the World Economic Forum : 21 January 2016, Davos, Switzerland

Broadband Commissioners and invited guests convened for a special session during the 2016 Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss collaboration opportunities and initiatives to connect the unconnected. 


Report on the Special Session
at the World Economic Forum




Discussion paper for the Special Session
at the World Economic Forum



The session entitled Working Together to Connect the World by 2020: Reinforcing Connectivity Initiatives for Universal and Affordable Access, brought together leading figures from government, industry and the finance sector, to debate key challenges to mobilizing investment for building out broadband infrastructure in underserved communities. 

A new Discussion Paper developed by ITU as a contribution to the work of the Commission and launched during the session, estimates that it will take global investment of US$450 billion in network infrastructure to connect the next 1.5 billion unconnected people worldwide. The discussion paper was launched together with a statement from Broadband Commissioners pledging a concerted global effort to connect 60% of the world's people to the Internet by the year 2020.