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Prof. Dr  Klaus M.  LEISINGER

President, Foundation Global Values Alliance

Klaus Leisinger is the President of the Foundation Global Values Alliance. Previously acted as the head of Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development, managing Director and President of its Board of Trustees. The Foundation ( has consul tative status with the Social and Economic Council of the United Nations.

In addition, Klaus Leisinger is Professor of Sociology at the University of Basel where he teaches Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility as well as Human Rights and Business. Klaus Leisinger served as invited lecturer at several Swiss and German universities, as well as at the University of Notre Dame, De Paul University, the MIT Sloan School of Management (Cambridge), and at Harvard University. He is member of the European Acade my of Sciences and Arts.

Klaus Leisinger has held and still holds several advisory positions in a number of national and international organizations, such as the United Nations Global Compact, the United Nations Development Pro gram (UNDP) and the UN Economic and Social Council. Between September 2005 and December 2006, Klaus Leisinger served as Special Advisor of the United Nations Secretary General for the UN Global Compact, at that time Kofi Annan.