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Mr.  Bruno  LANVIN

Executive Director, INSEAD eLab

"Broadband is not a luxury that only an advanced economy can afford. It has become the underpinning of a more dynamic, sustainable and equitable globalized economy. Together, we can make this happen. The time is now."

Since September 2007, Bruno Lanvin has been the Executive Director of INSEAD’s eLab, managing INSEAD’s teams in Paris, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

Since 2009, he has been the chair of the Global Advisory Council on ‘Future of Government’, at the World Economic Forum.

From 2000 to 2007, Bruno Lanvin worked for the World Bank, where he was Senior Advisor for E-strategies, and Regional Coordinator (Europe and Central Asia) for ICT and e-government issues. He also headed the Capacity Building Practice of the World Bank’s Global ICT Department, and served as Chairman of the Bank’s e-Thematic Group.

Since 2002, he has been co-authoring the Global Information Technology Report, (INSEAD - World Economic Forum). He holds a BA in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Valenciennes (France), an MBA from Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) in Paris, and a PhD in Economics from the University of Paris I (La Sorbonne) in France.
A frequent speaker in high-level meetings, he advises a number of global companies and governments, and is a member of numerous boards, including that of the Tallinn E-government Academy.