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Dr.  Seang-Tae  KIM

Sungkyunkwan University, Republic of Korea

As the Chairman of the Committee on ‘Korea Information Infrastructure Field Trial Services’ from 1994 to 1997, Dr. Seang-Tae Kim designed fundamental polices for Korea’s Broadband development and greatly contributed to the success of broadband in Korea including broadband roll-out in schools and local autonomies in rural areas. Based on his expertise in broadband and infrastructure, he served many globally important roles such as Executive Board of Information & Communication Sub-committee of Korean National Commission for UNESCO and Chairman of Future Network 2020 Forum to name a few.

Since Dr. Kim was appointed as a commissioner of ‘ITU-UNESCO Broadband Commission for Digital Development’ in May 2010, he has actively participated in regular Broadband Commission Meetings. With around fifty commissioners of global ICT leaders, he shared ideas to design a blueprint for rapid worldwide broadband development while minimizing the global digital divide.

Dr. Kim was the first President of National Information Society Agency (NIA) following the merger of the former National Information Society Agency and the Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity and Promotion (KADO) in 2009. During his term of office in NIA, Korea was ranked 1st on the biannual UN e-Government Survey both in 2010 and 2012. As NIA is the chief managing body for e-Government projects in Korea, Dr. Kim had been also globally recognized for his expertise and contribution for the success of Korea’s e-Government. From 2008 to 2013, he initiated various global ICT activities in NIA. Under his leadership, NIA provided IT policy consulting to twenty-five countries and established three IT Cooperation Centers and twenty-one Information Access Centers around the world.

He has published and co-authored many books including ‘Smartizen : The Center of the 4th Wave (Book Concert, 2013)’, ‘The Smart Society : Strategies for the Future (2011)’, ‘Challenges and Opportunities of Future Korea (Bobmunsa, 2011)’, ‘Digital Governance in Municipalities Worldwide (National Center for Public Productivity, 2008), ‘E-Governance: A Global Perspective on a New Paradigm (IOS Press, 2007)’ and ‘Global e-Government: Theory, Applications and Benchmarking (IDEA Group Publishing, 2006).’

Dr. Seang-Tae Kim graduated from Seoul National University with a BA in English and later completed both his Masters in Politics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Ph.D in Public Administration at the University of Georgia.
Dr. Seang-Tae Kim has had a long and distinguished career in both academia and the public sector. Some of his most recent experience includes;
1986-1989 Director of Baldwin Data Analysis Centre, University of Georgia
1991-2000 Associate Professor, Chungnam National University
1994-1997 Chairman of Committee on Korea Information Infrastructure Field Trial Services
1998-2004 Member of Informatization Promotion Advisory Committee
2001-2003 Member of Special Committee for e‐Government (Advising body to the President)
2002-2003 Korean Representative, OECD Public Management Service e‐Government Project
2005-2006 Visiting Professor of University of Manchester
2005-2008 Dean of Graduate School of Public Administration at Sungkyunkwan University
2007-2008 Korean Representative of International Academy of CIO
2009~2012 Executive Board, Korean National Commission for UNESCO
2008-2013 President of National Information Society Agency

He is also the President of Future Politics and Governance Committee and World Future Society Forum since 2008. Currently, he serves various roles, including:
2012.12 Member of ITU Plenipotentiary Conference Preparatory Committee
2012. 8 Co-chair of Smart Angels Korea Movement Committee
2012. 3 Advisory Board Member of PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic
2011. 12 Chair of the Advisory Board in Presidential Council on National ICT Strategies
2011. 1 Chair of Advisory boards of ICT Development in Prosecutors’ Office
2010. 1 Journal of e-Governance Associate Editor
2009. 12 Chairman of Future Network 2020 Forum

As Dr. Kim was recognized for his excellent service to Korea’s successful ICT development, he was awarded two Order of Merits.
2013. 2 Order of Civil Merit, Moran Medal
2002. 11 Order of Service Merit, Red Stripes