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Atty.  Rodolfo A.  Salalima

Secretary of the Department of Information and Communications Technology of the Philippines

​​​Atty. Rodolfo A. Salalima, has always displayed excellence in the field of law in the 40 years of his career, particularly in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), telecommunications and broadcasts, CATV and Value-Added Services (VAS) until June 2016, when he was appointed as the first Secretary of the newly created Department of Information and Communications Technology.

He has held various key positions in the telecommunication industry, and contributed to the development of the country’s ICT environment.  He has initiated, launched and implemented various crucial ICT initiatives: a) transformation of the telecommunications system in the country from the old telegram system and the plain old telephone landline system of PLDT to where the country is in at present, with its current telecommunications and broadcast services and technologies; b) video conferencing and the VSAT system of communications with Bayantel; c)  SkyCable and some of the rural CATVs throughout the country with the Lopez group of companies; and d) mobile cellular communication (from analog to digital) services, and other modern communications systems in the country with SMART and GLOBE.

He was elected either as President, Chairman or Head of various national organizations/federations involved in ICT, telecommunications and broadcasts. He was also a delegate, adviser and/or spokesperson of the official Philippine delegations (since 1998 to 2015) to the International Telecommunication Union’s yearly Council Meeting and every 4-years Plenipotentiary Conference, and to the Asia Pacific Telecommunity yearly meetings. He was one of six experts selected worldwide as  Vice-Chairman of and sole Asia-Pacific Region Representative to the ITU Council Working Group tasked to amend the Constitution and Convention of the International Telecommunication Union. 

He shared his 40 years of knowledge and experience in the telecommunications field to write a book about the industry in 2015 entitled the “Telecommunications in the Information Revolution,” published by the U.P. Law Center. It presents his perspective and insights into how law can accommodate fast-evolving developments in ICT, and the interplay between the two. He has also shared his knowledge and experience in the field of law as a college professor in several leading schools of the country and lecturer in the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) for lawyers as mandated by the Supreme Court. 

His personal aspiration is for development to be in the countryside, and not just centered in highly urbanized areas of the country, and to build a responsive Department that leads, innovates and empowers the citizenry and the government.  These he will work on for the next six years of the Duterte Administration.​