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Chairwoman, Huawei Technologies

"​Ultra-broadband and fiber-based broadband are the core trend of broadband development in future. High-definition video and on-demand service are consumers’ requirements for better experience. Since huge investment is the challenge for broadband development, it is our great mission for the next decade to reduce the CAPEX of broadband infrastructure and provide the broadband services in a fast manner"


Ms. Yafang Sun is Huawei’s Chairwoman, a position she has held since 1999. Ms. Sun’s leadership has taken Huawei from a small local enterprise to a global giant providing innovative technologies and tailored solutions and services to leading telecoms operators worldwide. She is credited as the key contributor to the establishment and development of Huawei’s marketing and sales division and human resources leadership development. Ms. Sun has spearheaded management reforms that have helped to transform Huawei into a multi-national corporation seen as a leading vendor in the telecoms industry.

As Chairwoman​​, Ms. Sun represents Huawei in the business community and communicates Huawei’s overseas development and corporate commitments with government officials and state dignitaries around the globe. Ms. Sun is also a familiar figure among Huawei’s customers and partners and is actively involved in a variety of corporate responsibility programs as well as philanthropic activities.

Ms. Sun joined Huawei in 1989 and has held a variety of executive level positions in these 21 years including, President of Marketing and Sales, President of Human Resources, President of Strategy and Marketing Committee, and President of Huawei University.

Ms. Sun earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Electronic Science and Technology in China and was trained at Harvard Business School in advanced management.