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Mr  José Manuel Do Rosario  TOSCANO

Director General and CEO, International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO)

"Today and moving into the future, broadband technologies will continue to be the cornerstone for enhancement of social and economic development. The equitable and affordable access to the broadband networks by all citizens will therefore be key to the achievement of MDGs, and all technological solutions, including broadband satellite technologies, must be considered as means to achieve such access."

As Chief Executive Officer and Director General of the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (“ITSO”), an intergovernmental organization based in Washington, DC, with more than 150 member nations, Mr. Jose Toscano is committed to assuring the provision of affordable satellite telecommunications services to all countries of the world.

A telecommunications engineer by training, Mr. Toscano has more than twenty five years experience in the telecommunications sector, and has been actively involved in the definition, development and work of numerous regional and international regulatory initiatives in the telecommunications and satellite communications fields, including with the International Telecommunications Union, the European Commission, and the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations. Mr. Toscano also has firsthand knowledge and understanding of the critical importance of broadband to the successful promotion and development of innovative information and communication technologies on a global basis.