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Dr  Speranza  NDEGE

Academic Advisor & Mentor, Digital Programs, Literature Department, Kenyatta University (KU)

  1. Dr. Speranza Ndege is a Senior Lecturer at Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya. She is currently the Academic Advisor & Mentor, Digital Programs, Literature Department. Besides teaching and mentoring students on digital programmes, Dr. Ndege has much experience in management of institutional directorates. She has previously held senior administrative positions in the University as Director for 13 years as follows:


    2018 - Academic Advisor & Mentor, Digital Programs, Literature Department, KU

    2014 (May)-2017, Director, Kenyatta University Television and Radio Services (KUTVRS).

    2009-2014 (April) - Director, Institute of Open Distance & e-Learning (ODeL)

    2007-2008 - Director, e- Learning Coordinating Centre (e-LCC)

    2003-2006 – Director, the African Virtual University programmes, KU

    Dr. Ndege is an educationalist and researcher and trainer. She has practical experience and expertise in ICT, e-Learning, distance learning, training, and research. She is also a Consultant in Environmental Impact Assessment/Audit, e-Content authoring, Online Tutoring, and Instructional Design. She reviews and evaluates academics programmes for institutions of Higher Learning.


    Dr. Ndege is a Fellow of Higher Education Academy (UK) having graduated from St. Yorks University (UK).  She holds a PhD from Ghent University, Belgium; an MSC in Computer Based Information System from University of Sunderland, UK; a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Education (Hons) from University of Nairobi, Kenya. She has a Professional Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Auditing (EA) (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology, Kenya). She also has a Postgraduate Diploma in e-Teaching (Agder University, Norway & Global Virtual University) and a diploma in Professional Tour Operation [e-Tourism] (ICM, UK). Dr. Ndege has received much training in Information Communication Technology and e-Learning (including Electronic Document Management and Website Design) and Instructional Design. She is a CISCO Academy Instructor and an Online Tutor at Kenyatta University.


    As the new Director for the Kenyatta University Television and Radio Services, she is the overall manager of the University Television and Radio stations overseeing to all operations.

    In August 2013, the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Education appointed Dr. Ndege into the Technical and Planning Committee for establishment of the National Open University of Kenya (NOUK). The new University enroll local and international students from all over the world to study from the comfort of their homes and work places. The students will utilize modern technology (ICT/e-Learning) to access education. This University will admit its first students in 2015.


    In 2010, Dr. Ndege was appointed a Commissioner of the Broadband Commission for Digital Development, a position she has held to-dateThe Commission was established in May 2010 as a joint initiative by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The Commission has high level representation from industry leaders, senior policy-makers and governments and international agencies, academia and organizations concerned with development. It was set up in response to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon's call to step up UN efforts to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The Broadband Commission believes that progress towards the MDGs can be significantly accelerated by using broadband networks to improve the delivery of services across a huge range of social and business sectors.

    Dr. Ndege is nicknamed 'e-Learning Champion'. In 2003, she boldly championed the first online programmes in an institution of higher learning in Kenya, by piloting the joint phase 2 AVU-KU diploma and degree programmes with two external universities, the Royal Melbourne University of Technology (RMIT), Australia for Applied Computer Science and Curtain University, Australia for Business Administration. The success of these external online programmes led to the launch of the first e-Learning programmes in Kenya on 14th June 2005. The Launch was officiated by Dr. Kilemi Mwiria, Assistant Minister, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. In November 2005, while attending the ICWE e-Learning Conference in Berlin, Germany, Dr. Ndege met the ICWE Conference Organizers and lobbied for the 2nd e-Learning Conference to be held in Kenya after the Adisababa, Ethiopia Conference of 2006. In the same year 2006, ICWE appointed Dr. Ndege a member of the Advisory Board for e-Learning Africa & ICT Conferences. In 2007, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in Kenya appointed Dr. Ndege into the Planning Committee that organized the 2nd e-Learning Africa Conference, held in Nairobi the same year. This Conference was a turning point for e-Learning development in Kenya and East Africa. Tertiary institutions in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, and some secondary schools started e-Learning programmes. In addition, Dr. Ndege initiated the use of Moodle Open Source e-Learning Management Software in Kenya in 2007 when she implemented it at Kenyatta University.  Today, most institutions in Eastern Africa are using the Moodle Software for online learning. During her tenure as Director of the Institute of Open, Distance & e-Learning (ODeL) at Kenyatta University, Dr. Ndege trained 73, 134 university students in online learning, trained 695 university lecturers in online facilitation and digitized 801 online courses. It is now compulsory that all newly admitted students into the Distance learning programmes at Kenyatta University must be issued with free mobile gadgets (Tablets) at the beginning of the semester to support their online learning. Other institutions in Kenya have applauded the use of mobile gadgets in enhancement of e-Learning.


    Dr. Ndege is well versed with the management of institutions of higher learning having served in the high level University Management Board for a period of 5 years (2009-2013). This is the top most Board in the University appointed by University Council. The Board makes decisions on all matters pertaining to the University (all matters discussed by this Board are highly confidential).

    Dr. Ndege is a member of several boards and committees both local and international such as: 

    1. External Committees include: Interim Chairperson for East African Regional e-Learning Forum; member of Advisory Board for ICWE e-Learning Africa; Member of the Advisory Board for Distance Learning, Africa (DeAfrica), Planning Committee for National Open University of Kenya; Information Technology for Learning, Education and Training (ITLET) Technical Committee for Kenya Bureau of Standards among others. ICT Technical Advisor, Royal Associates; Technical Advisor, SuperLight-Africa Ltd (Tours & Travel) Company. She was the Academic Evaluator/Resource person for Commission for Higher Education (CHE) 2004-2011 in their Open and Distance Learning University programmes and the External Examiner for e-Learning and Distance Learning programmes, University of Nairobi, Member of the Advisory Board for MIDAS International School among others.
    2. Institutional Committees include: Kenyatta University Management Board; Co-Chair for the University Strategic Planning; Member KU ICT Board, Secretary to University ODeL Board, Chairperson, ODeL Operations Board; Chairperson, University Website Advisory Board-2009-2012; member of the University Promotions and Appraisal Board among others (2009-2013) among others.

      Dr. Ndege has supervised undergraduate and postgraduate projects and has participated in development of university academic programmes, strategic plans and policies. 

      Her hard work in the University has earned Dr. Ndege Extra Mile Awards such as:  the Vice Chancellor' Extra Mile Awards for her 'Exemplary role in Computerization of the University' in 2007 and a second Vice Chancellor's Extra Mile Award in her 'Exemplary Management of the University's Open, Distance & e-Learning (ODeL) Programmes' 2009-to-date.

      Dr. Ndege is also involved in several Community Outreach programmes and has initiated financial and material support to some disadvantaged persons/groups. She works hard to achieve results and has integrity and respect. 

      Dr. Ndege has travelled widely to participate in meetings, facilitate workshops and present papers in conferences both locally and internationally. Some of the countries visited include: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany (East & West), France, Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium, India, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon, Uganda, Malawi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Qatar, Dubai and Zanzibar.  

      She has a number of publications.