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Former Minister of Information Society, Republic of Macedonia

"Broadband is the 21st century modern highway of information. Highway, which creates knowledge based economies. Economies where the information is a priceless commodity. I believe that Broadband connectivity should provide equal access to all the people in the world. Broadband it is not luxury, it is necessity!"

Ivo Ivanovski, was born in Bitola on January 10th, 1978.

In 2001 he received his bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio, USA. Hold a his masters degree in computer sciences from Franklin University.

On December 21st, 2006, Mr. Ivanovski was appointed by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia and elected by the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, as a Minister without portfolio, in charge of information society development.

On August 1st 2008, was appointed to be a Minister of Information Society for his second term as minister and the first Minister for Information Society.

Previously, he was an IT Manager for “Plaskolite Incorporated”, one of the largest private Plexiglas producers in the world.