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Mr.  AYALA  Orlando

Corporate Vice President and Chairman, Emerging Markets, Microsoft

"​Microsoft is proud to be an inaugural member of the Broadband Commission for Digital Development. We have public-private partnerships with both the ITU and UNESCO, the commission’s founding organizations. Our work together promotes the implementation and use of high-speed, high-capacity broadband technology to realize economic and social benefits, helping developing countries increase their competitiveness and enhance education"

Orlando Ayala is a corporate vice president, chairman of emerging markets, and chief advisor to Microsoft's chief operating officer (COO).

As chairman of emerging markets, Ayala is dedicated to helping federal, provincial and local governments develop the infrastructure, educational programs and human resource capability to turn their particular capabilities into a competitive advantage on an international scale. By partnering with leading technology partners, multilateral organizations and non-governmental organizations, Ayala's highly-focused group aims to use technology as a supporting player in initiatives designed to advance the national agenda, whether in education, health, citizen services, citizen safety or academic and industry research. Focused on results-driven programs that seek to optimize positive impact, time to market and constrained resources, Ayala's projects frequently highlight mixed-source environments and interoperability, recognizing the realities that our customers and partners face. His goal is to improve access to technology and education that will offer new ways for individuals, communities and entire countries to realize their potential in the coming years.