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​​​​​​​​​​Target 7 : Gender Equality

By 2025, gender equality should be achieved across all targets

In all areas of broadband accessibility and use, women and girls are left behind. Gender equality must be realized in order to achieve all 2025 Targets – including Internet users, digital skills, digital fi nancial services and MSMEs – and bring broadband and Internet connectivity to everyone, everywhere.

In 2013, the Broadband Commission drew attention to the importance of gender equality among Internet users, by introducing an additional target, so that the benefi ts of broadband Internet reach everyone. As a result, from 2013 onwards, important disaggregated data has been collected to inform effective decision-making by policy makers.

While the gender gap has decreased in many developed countries, it has expanded in many developing countries – creating a specific need to support digital gender equality in these countries.


Target 7