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CEO, Ericsson

"Access to mobile communications is critical in breaking the cycle of poverty in developing countries. By 2015, we anticipate some 4 billion broadband users, with 80-90% of them being mobile. To be successful in achieving the potential societal benefits, scale up is needed in areas like health and education, and this will require commitments from many different sectors and international organizations. The Broadband Commission provides an excellent forum for taking this forward"

Hans Vestberg has been President and CEO of Ericsson since January 1, 2010.

Mr Vestberg had previously served as the company’s Chief Financial Officer from October 25, 2007, until the end of 2009. He was named Executive Vice President in 2005 while serving as head of Business Unit Global Services, an office he held since 2003.

From 2002 to 2003 he served as President of Ericsson in Mexico. Between 2000 and 2002, Mr. Vestberg was CFO for Ericsson in North America and Ericsson's controller for the Americas. Between 1998 and 2000, he was CFO of Ericsson in Brazil.

Since joining Ericsson in 1991, Mr. Vestberg has also held various managerial positions in China, Sweden, Chile and Brazil.
Hans Vestberg was born in Hudiksvall, Sweden. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Uppsala, Sweden, in 1991.

During 2009, Mr Vestberg became a founding member of the Digital Health Initiative.